Coming Out From Behind the Lens

rRecount the journey of the long term photographer who replaces the camera and picks up the shotgun. She finally experiences the thrill and empowerment of the hunt.

In the world of hunting, there are those who capture the beauty of the wild through a camera lens. There are those who immerse themselves in the pursuit, holding the shotgun and experiencing the thrill firsthand.  This is the story of my journey as a female hunter. who has transitioned from capturing moments behind the lens to embracing the shotgun and embarking on my own hunting and sporting adventure.

Beyond the Camera: A Woman’s Journey into Hunting

For me, the journey into the world of hunting began with a love and appreciation for the natural world.  Armed with my camera, I have been traveling with my husband and family, capturing breathtaking images of wildlife, the hunt, and surrounding myself with the beauty of nature for years.  Through my lens, I had created a connection with the wild, but have always been curious about the hunt and to experience it in a more visceral way.  

Driven by curiosity, a desire to challenge myself, and prompting by fellow hunters, I felt the siren call of the shotgun.  With a mix of excitement and trepidation, I made the decision to transition from observer to active participant.  I felt the undeniable primal connection between humans and the hunt, the experience and thrill of tracking, and to partake in the age-old tradition of procuring your own food. After successfully shooting my first quail, I was instantly captivated and hooked. 

As I have embarked on this new journey as a hunter, I have quickly realized that there is much to learn.  I have sought guidance from my husband and other experienced hunters, attended shooting schools and attempt to acquire the skills necessary for a successful hunt.  From understanding animal behavior to honoring marksmanship, there is a learning curve that one must embrace with determination and a thirst for knowledge.  

I now look forward to each hunting expedition with a new sense of self-discovery and personal growth.  I learn to trust my instincts, to adapt to the ever-changing environmental conditions and to appreciate the balance of nature through a new lens.

This journey from being behind the camera to embracing the shotgun is one of personal growth, empowerment and forming a deeper and different connection with nature.  It is a testament to the transformative power of stepping out of one’s comfort zone and embracing new challenges.  As more women venture into the world of hunting, they inspire others to break free of social expectations and forge their own paths in the pursuit of their passions.  So, I celebrate the courage and determination of those who answer the call of the shotgun, as they embark on their own transformative hunting journey.

Long live the hunt…. 

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